Easter Morning or Is it ok to have chocolate for breakfast. . .

How did this magical rabbit sneak into my house last night and why is there chocolate eggs ‘hidden’ everywhere? Did I miss a joke played against all parents of seeing how sick or hyper active our kids can get before midday?

Its Easter Sunday and given my little guy isn’t quite 2 years old yet the hype around hiding chocolate in foil is still lost on him. However given its a tradition both of our families grew up with and we still enjoy the occassional chocolate we have decided to play along this year. Although the game is called “can mum and dad keep the child engaged long enough to find all the eggs mum and dad forgot where they are hid before the dog finds them”. Not to mention can we control how much chocolate the child eats before it becomes an issue.

Looking in shops over the last few weeks its no wonder everyone still follows this tradition because eggs are everywhere, in every store. And they couldn’t be less appealing to children if they tried. Although these days confectionary companies are trying so hard not to affend anyone they are no longer easter eggs but chocolate eggs and rabbits. And chocolate just about anything else that lays an egg.

Has easter moved away from its original intention? Has it just become another long weekend that burns a hole in our wallets? Probably, but given it keeps the kids happy for the most part, I cant see it going away from the Down Under Household. Next year ill try to come up with a better name for the game, or at least a shorter one.

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  1. Best to teach them early what the true meaning of Easter is and not give in to the hype. You’ll start a bad habit of making your kids expect to get a basket stuffed with goodies and sugar-laden treats every year. At the very least, give them stuffed animals and healthy treats and be sure to tell them the story of Jesus or take them to church. I gave in to the hype, I totally regret it because my kids grew up with bad teeth and a sugar addiction. (at least one of the three did anyway). If I had it to do over, I would give them a toy and some baby carrots and tell them “That’s what the Easter bunny eats,” and then we would go to church. 🙂

    1. Great advice. Thanks for sharing your experience. We are definitely mindful of sugar in our household. And as someone who doesn’t really enjoy chocolate, the toy idea sounds good to me

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