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How many toys is too many? Should you have a variety? When do you decide your child is too old for that? Do you have to abide by the age guides on the box? Why does every toy have a choking hazard? So many questions that I won’t even try to have the right answer for but here’s my thoughts.

How many toys is too many? Ask your kids and they will say you can never have enough. Ask a parent and they will tell you they already have too many. Finding a way to keep them tidy plays a massive role in this. The Down Under household is lucky enough to have a designated toy room, or rather a neat pile in the corner. If you can’t control them, then you have too many. If you can control them, then variety is a blessing

Should you have a variety? absolutely, I cannot stress this enough. If your children are anything like mine then they have a short attention span and need change to keep them occupied. A variety isn’t having a toy car in every color – although my toddler begs to differ. This is also for your sanity, any toy that makes a noise gets old very quickly when it is played for hours on repeat.

When do you decide if your child is too old for that? Simple, when they stop playing with it. Or rather when they beg you to buy the bigger truck because it has more flashing lights and makes more noise then the older one. This is going to be different with every child and every parent. Run with what works, and my advice is to put said toy in the cupboard before tossing it as a toddlers mind can change quickly. Bonus tip – if your planning on having another kid keep said toy in the closet until they come along, not only is it sentimental but will save you money!

Do you have to abide by ages on the box? if your 3 year old is still playing with toys designed for infants i’d say its time to move on. But if your toddler likes the look of the train set designed for a 4 year old, why not give them a shot at it. Supervise them to avoid choking hazards (more on that later), but you might find they really enjoy them, and it will also help your sanity! Think of the ages more as loose guidelines rather then rules.

Why does every toy have a choking hazard? because those loose little pieces are the best part of the toy and there is no way the manufacturer could make the toy successful without them. Honestly I can’t answer this one, I am thankful that my toddler isn’t one for putting toys in his mouth though, gotta take the little wins where you can. Also look at the answer to the previous question, they are there for a reason.

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