11/4/18 Dad Joke of the Day

dad joke

Customer Service strikes again.

I went to the register to pay for my shopping and the attendant asked “Do you wanna Box for that?”

I replied “I’d prefer Cash”

Top 3 Tantrums of the Week – 8/4/18

For something a bit more light hearted I’ve decided to start ranking some ‘top moments’ of the week. The idea being parents have something they can relate to and the non-parents can get a peak behind closed doors, but overall everyone can have a laugh.

Last week’s Top moments is all about Tantrums! We have all experienced them, some worse then others. Last weeks have been filtered down to the top 3.

Number 3: The Over-tired need to eat but don’t know what I want to eat tantrum.

Today I haven’t wanted to go down for a nap and its past lunch time. I’m Hungry, I’m Tired, but nothing you offer me looks tasty enough to eat.

Number 2: The I don’t want to eat whats on my plate I want whats on yours. Using your cutlery. Even though its identical to mine.

I don’t care that we are eating the same meal, I don’t care that you have foregone using toddler plates and utensils in an effort to get me to eat. I want whatever is on your plate, and I need to use your fork to eat it.

Number 1: The why isn’t there more watermelon tantrum.

I just discovered I like Watermelon, I like it a lot. So much I want to keep eating it. I don’t care its making a mess, I don’t understand why you won’t let me have anymore, the other kids clearly aren’t enjoying it as much as me.

I’ve only just noticed the running theme here of Food. Had Similar experiences? Can your kids tantrums beat mine this week? I’d love to hear your experiences as well.

Tune in this time next week for another ‘Top Happenings’ of the week.

Being Successful while putting your family first.

Being successful in the workplace isn’t just getting a promotion or a payrise (although thats always nice). Its about job satisfaction as well.

As a Dad, it can be tricky to maintain a healthy relationship with your family while being successful in the workplace as well. It really comes down to your short and long term goals.

I am currently in a new role in my workplace and trying to succeed in it. While also raising a toddler. What does that mean? It means there are going to be days I need to take off to look after a sick child. There are going to be days I need to leave work right on the dot because I need to pick him up from daycare. There are going to be days where I am a zombie because I was up all night. A good boss will understand this, but you need to be honest with them, also try to see it from their side every once in awhile and on your good days go over and above and this will outweigh the other days.

My longterm goal is based around raising my family, part of that is ensuring financial stability for their future. Short term goals include progressing into a role that is sustainable and helps ensure that financial stability. Along with maintaining healthy relationships with my family. While my goals have both a personal and professional side to them. I always try to put the personal above the professional. If I can achieve these goals I will feel like I am successful in the workplace. But again this is going to look different for everyone.

How will you know when you have achieved job satisfaction? When you jump out of bed in the morning ready and rearing for work. Just kidding, for those of us who aren’t traditionally morning people that will never happen, and for those of us who are parents, We will never be excited about going to work if we haven’t slept. I believe when you have achieved job satisfaction you will stop thinking about all the ‘what ifs’. What if you worked somewhere else? What if you hadn’t taken on that responsibilty? What if you didn’t work? You won’t be asking these questions because you won’t be worried about work and your spare time will be spent thinking about your family.

So set your goals and work towards them, but make sure you take your family along for the journey.

Dad’s Best Friend

Dad’s best friend has always been Dog. Faithful companions for Life, through tough times and good. What happens when a little someone comes along to interfere with that relationship?

Growing up our family had dogs. While not the most well behaved dogs they were still part of the family and helped create many cherished memories. Mrs Down Under also grew up with a faithful companion so we knew early on that a dog would be part of our lives together.

Meet our beloved Eddie, a Large (50kgs) Black Labrador who will be as settled or as active as you want him to be. Eddie was around for over 4 years before our young one came along so you can imagine he was pretty set in his ways.

All of a sudden his life was turned upside down. Along came this blob that mum and dad were paying all their attention to. He took it like a champ, avoiding it at all costs for awhile. Yet becoming a lot more defensive of our house at the same time.

It was important at this stage to ensure Eddie remained part of the family and wasn’t excluded. We took him along to family outings where possible, and spent time with him when the child was asleep. This allowed our family to grow together.

Fast forward 9 months and the two followed each other around everywhere. At that stage our child was very curious about this giant hair black animal. Eddie just loved the extra attention.

These days our toddler does most of the chasing and there are some days Eddie looks like he has had enough, but still puts up with him. True sibling love right there.

Eating Healthy or rather trying to. . .

Eating Healthy comes in many different forms. What works for some doesn’t work for others. What you can’t argue with is the benefits. As a working Dad it can be hard to stick to any sort of meal plan.

Everyone you ask will give you a different description of what healthy eating is. Here’s a few that come to mind

  • Eating from the 5 food groups
  • Getting all your serves of fruit and vegetables.
  • Apple a day keeps the doctor away

When you think about what people say there are a lot of common themes and some not so common.

I don’t have any grand plans about loosing weight or getting a 6 pack, I just want to live a long and healthy life so I can keep up with my kids. So what do I do? I focus on trying to eat as healthy as possible when I can so it outweighs the times I can’t. Not as easy as it sounds.

Planning is a key part of this. You can’t eat healthy if your pantry is full of junk. So next time your doing a grocery shop. Take a bit more time and think before you buy. Once you have the food. Set aside the time to prepare it. I am by no means a chef but i’ve found healthier meals take longer to prepare (if you know of any shortcuts definately let me know). If you can tick those two boxes the hard work is done, you just need to make it habit.

What do I do while working? Again plan ahead. Every day I make a smoothie with a combination of blueberries, strawberries, banana apple, kiwi, spinach, and honey. Doesn’t sound that appetising but tastes alright and I know its good for me. Bonus it helps keep me full and stops me snacking on junk food.

Now I’m no dietician and will never claim to be. There is a wealth of information available if you look for it. I know what works for me. That’s the most important part, find what works for you, and maintain it as best you can.

Kids Toys

How many toys is too many? Should you have a variety? When do you decide your child is too old for that? Do you have to abide by the age guides on the box? Why does every toy have a choking hazard? So many questions that I won’t even try to have the right answer for but here’s my thoughts.

How many toys is too many? Ask your kids and they will say you can never have enough. Ask a parent and they will tell you they already have too many. Finding a way to keep them tidy plays a massive role in this. The Down Under household is lucky enough to have a designated toy room, or rather a neat pile in the corner. If you can’t control them, then you have too many. If you can control them, then variety is a blessing

Should you have a variety? absolutely, I cannot stress this enough. If your children are anything like mine then they have a short attention span and need change to keep them occupied. A variety isn’t having a toy car in every color – although my toddler begs to differ. This is also for your sanity, any toy that makes a noise gets old very quickly when it is played for hours on repeat.

When do you decide if your child is too old for that? Simple, when they stop playing with it. Or rather when they beg you to buy the bigger truck because it has more flashing lights and makes more noise then the older one. This is going to be different with every child and every parent. Run with what works, and my advice is to put said toy in the cupboard before tossing it as a toddlers mind can change quickly. Bonus tip – if your planning on having another kid keep said toy in the closet until they come along, not only is it sentimental but will save you money!

Do you have to abide by ages on the box? if your 3 year old is still playing with toys designed for infants i’d say its time to move on. But if your toddler likes the look of the train set designed for a 4 year old, why not give them a shot at it. Supervise them to avoid choking hazards (more on that later), but you might find they really enjoy them, and it will also help your sanity! Think of the ages more as loose guidelines rather then rules.

Why does every toy have a choking hazard? because those loose little pieces are the best part of the toy and there is no way the manufacturer could make the toy successful without them. Honestly I can’t answer this one, I am thankful that my toddler isn’t one for putting toys in his mouth though, gotta take the little wins where you can. Also look at the answer to the previous question, they are there for a reason.

2/4/18 Dad Joke of the Day

dad joke

Some background on this one, i work in a supermarket and I don’t think this guy was a fellow dad.

A guy walked up to me in the supermarket and asked “do you have any delicious apples?”

I replied “hard to say I haven’t tried them all”

For the other male adults who don’t get the humour, red delicious are a type of apple.

Easter Morning or Is it ok to have chocolate for breakfast. . .

How did this magical rabbit sneak into my house last night and why is there chocolate eggs ‘hidden’ everywhere? Did I miss a joke played against all parents of seeing how sick or hyper active our kids can get before midday?

Its Easter Sunday and given my little guy isn’t quite 2 years old yet the hype around hiding chocolate in foil is still lost on him. However given its a tradition both of our families grew up with and we still enjoy the occassional chocolate we have decided to play along this year. Although the game is called “can mum and dad keep the child engaged long enough to find all the eggs mum and dad forgot where they are hid before the dog finds them”. Not to mention can we control how much chocolate the child eats before it becomes an issue.

Looking in shops over the last few weeks its no wonder everyone still follows this tradition because eggs are everywhere, in every store. And they couldn’t be less appealing to children if they tried. Although these days confectionary companies are trying so hard not to affend anyone they are no longer easter eggs but chocolate eggs and rabbits. And chocolate just about anything else that lays an egg.

Has easter moved away from its original intention? Has it just become another long weekend that burns a hole in our wallets? Probably, but given it keeps the kids happy for the most part, I cant see it going away from the Down Under Household. Next year ill try to come up with a better name for the game, or at least a shorter one.