Hit for 6 and Out!

There is no better Aussie past time then Backyard Cricket. While every yard is different and everyone skill set varies, the rules always remain the same. Hit the ball, run back and forth, get caught on the full or between the stumps and your out. But there is also 1 more rule, the 6 and out. Hit that amazing shot that clears the fence, breaks a window, goes into the river, or anywhere else generally out of bounds, and its a 6, and out.

Is this a post about cricket? not exactly. After a great long weekend away with the family last week, and a relatively easy start to the week for work, Down Under Dad was struck out!

6 and out

That’s right! The Down Under household had been hit with the flu. While we aren’t under strict quarantine yet it has already spread from one family member to another with the 3rd on high alert to try and avoid getting sick.

Last week our little guy paid a visit to the doctor as he wasn’t well. Now I am going to start this off by saying he used to hate going in for a Dr visit. While he would be OK in the waiting room, as soon as we were called into the exam room, a tantrum in one form or another would reel its head.

This time I am happy to say was quite the opposite. While there was a small cry, by the end of the exam there was ‘high fives’ and ‘fist bumps’ all around. Sure this was helped along by the offering of a free balloon by the DR which Dad continually inflated and let go, and the stamp on the hand for being a good boy (although this almost caused a tantrum as well). But as with most parenting moments, the best advice is often to do whatever works.

Turns out our instincts were right and he needed a dose of antibiotics to get back to his usual healthy happy self. If its one thing you learn as a parent, its to trust your instincts. Despite what anyone else around you says, and sorry Dad’s in this situation often Mum knows best. If you think your child’s health warrants a trip to the GP, then take them. Remember they often don’t know they are sick and even more often can’t tell you.

man flu

This week the illness my son got, had mutated not only into the fabled Man Flu, but all the way into the Dreaded DAD FLU!

How is the Dad flu different to the Man flu? well how do you normally cope with the flu? Do you wrap yourself in blankets, lie on the couch, and watch reruns of your favorite TV Show?  well that sounds like a great coping mechanism, but as a Dad its not that simple.

Parenting doesn’t switch off just because you are sick.

I am going to take this opportunity to call out the amazing job Mrs Down Under is doing at supporting me while I am sick. She is constantly going out of her way to take as much of my part of the parenting load off me so I can recover. I also know she reads this blog so Thanks Again!

So is it time I stopped relying on my age and health to push me through the winter season without getting sick? Should I be getting the yearly ‘flu shot’? Hard to say. But given Dad’s can be stubborn and I (hopefully) won’t get sick again this year once this passes. Who knows what next year will bring.

Got any hints or tips for beating the Flu? or how to avoid it all together? I’d love to hear them


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  1. I am sincerely sorry to read about the dad flu Nick. That is right in Australia you would be heading into the winter season. Parenting does continue, even though being unwell. I have not had the flu shot in a few years, and am very fortunate haven’t come down with anything.
    Don’t know if this has anything to do with it, I do take probiotics in capsule form. I think it is 30 billion CFU. Not sure what it stands for, but it sounds impressive. Thank you for follow and the lovely comment on my church blog! 🙂

  2. Yikes, I hope you all are feeling better now! My little guy woke up at midnight last night, walked into the living room, and promptly projectile vomited. It was a long night.

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