When 3 become 4. . .

I could start this off with some cryptic math related sentence as a bit of a red herring, but given this is a parent related blog, most of you have already guessed what I’m about to say.

We’re Expecting!

That’s Right! We are Happy to Announce we are going to be welcoming another member to our little family.

Down Under Bub #2 is joining the family sometime in October.

Here’s a little sneak peak


As you can see the baby looks just like its Dad, Just kidding, I hate when people say they can see who the babies look like from a scan at 20 weeks. It looks like a Baby, a happy healthy baby.

Now for a bit of fun,

Can you guess what we are having?

Stop! don’t scroll any further

We are working on a honesty system here.

I want you to guess what we are having,

you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right.

Chosen your answer?




its a girl

Get it right? Well done!

Get it wrong? really? you had a 50/50 chance. . .

Cue all the quotes “now you have one of each”, “you can stop now” etc etc.

We are so excited to share this news.

and yes, you will be hearing a lot about this on my blog moving forward.

baby coming soon


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