Dad’s Best Friend Pt 2

Dad's Best Friend

Dog has always been referred to as Man’s Best Friend, but what about Dad’s Best Friend? A lot of the time when Families grow, relationships change. Dog doesn’t always understand that, how can you make sure everyone feels like part of the family?

If you haven’t already check out part 1 Dad’s Best Friend to get some background into our household and how it changed once kids came along.

Now that child and dog are the best of friends (most of the tine). We have started involving our son in everything to do with dog


Probably the easiest to teach but one that can go horribly wrong. While we can’t yet leave this one entirely to our son, he does make sure we don’t forget. Its become a routine now and if our son is left out he generally makes us feed the dog again.



We have only recently involved our son with this. He didn’t quite know what to make of it, and at the end he wanted to hop in the dog bath too.



Another one that was easy to teach was to brush our dog’s hair. This is handy as our dog malts a lot and we have floorboards (tumble weeds of dog hair anyone?) The only one to watch with this is that they don’t try to brush their own hair with the dog-brush.


Watching Clean Up

I can’t wait until we can pass this onto our son as his chore. Apparently a 2 year shouldn’t be left alone to clean up a dogs mess. They are quite happy to watch though. Just make sure they don’t try it when your not watching.


Dad's Best Friend
Dad’s Best Friend

While these might seem like simply every day tasks that we as humans can do ourselves. It will take some work for your child to understand why we need to help our 4 legged friends out with them. Bonus is in the long run its one less thing for you to worry about.

If your kids came before your dog and they won’t stop asking for one. Maybe show them this list as a starting point for the responsibilities they are going to have.

Dad’s Best Friend

Dad’s best friend has always been Dog. Faithful companions for Life, through tough times and good. What happens when a little someone comes along to interfere with that relationship?

Growing up our family had dogs. While not the most well behaved dogs they were still part of the family and helped create many cherished memories. Mrs Down Under also grew up with a faithful companion so we knew early on that a dog would be part of our lives together.

Meet our beloved Eddie, a Large (50kgs) Black Labrador who will be as settled or as active as you want him to be. Eddie was around for over 4 years before our young one came along so you can imagine he was pretty set in his ways.

All of a sudden his life was turned upside down. Along came this blob that mum and dad were paying all their attention to. He took it like a champ, avoiding it at all costs for awhile. Yet becoming a lot more defensive of our house at the same time.

It was important at this stage to ensure Eddie remained part of the family and wasn’t excluded. We took him along to family outings where possible, and spent time with him when the child was asleep. This allowed our family to grow together.

Fast forward 9 months and the two followed each other around everywhere. At that stage our child was very curious about this giant hair black animal. Eddie just loved the extra attention.

These days our toddler does most of the chasing and there are some days Eddie looks like he has had enough, but still puts up with him. True sibling love right there.