Down Under Mother’s Day

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Is one day a year really enough to celebrate mother’s? I guess that depends on what you make of the day. Officially its only one day a year so make the most of it.

If you’re a parent reading this then you know how challenging the day to day life of Mum or Dad can be. All parents recognise this. Do you want to be known as the Dad who forgot Mother’s Day? No Way do I want that title.

Remember Father’s Day comes later in the year, if you want that day to be special, then you better make the most of Mother’s Day. 

With Mother’s Day gone for another year it’s time to recap this years celebrations.

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I once read that a party without cake is a meeting, I think a celebration without presents of some kind isn’t a celebration at all. If we are going to celebrate the amazing job mum’s do then they deserve some gratitude.

If your still stuck for present ideas (even if its a bit late), check out my earlier post Preparing for Mother’s Day. Not only will it give you a few ideas but also how you should have celebrated it, maybe next year?

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If you read my guide on mother’s day presents then what follows won’t surprise you. Here’s the rundown on how my son and I showed our gratitude.

  • Spa Voucher – Yes I went the easy way out, but at least I know it guarantees her some relaxation time down the track.
  • Pajamas – I must confess I had help with that one, my wife picked them out herself (also a safe bet if your not sure on sizes)
  • Handmade Present – This came from daycare, a small pot painted by our son, filled with a couple of chocolates.


It’s no secret that Mrs Down Under prepares the majority of meals in our household. With the weather getting colder over here a hot breakfast is definitely preferred over a cold one. That is one meal I can cook!

Breakfast in Bed? That’s one pastime we don’t practice.

Who wants to make a mess where you sleep.

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Pancakes are always a safe bet. Given our child is almost 2, cooking a hot breakfast isn’t something I can delegate to him, he was fascinated in the process though. Maybe next year I can pass this job onto him.


We were lucky this year in that both my Mum and my Mother in-law came to our house for lunch, this meant we didn’t have to travel anywhere allowing my Wife more time to relax. The best part about grandparents is they love looking after grandchildren, again more time to relax.

While lunch wasn’t anything fancy (have you been reading? I’m not a great cook) it was still more then we would normally do for a Sunday Lunch, sometimes simple can be just as effective as fancy (at least that’s what I keep telling myself).

Back to Reality

As I mentioned at the start of this article Mother’s Day is only one day a year. That means Monday was back to reality, back to work, back to sharing the load as parents.

So is One Day enough? Whether it is or not is a discussion for another day. That doesn’t mean you need to only celebrate it one day a year. Take the time and plan ahead to spoil the Mother of your Kids throughout the year. Don’t forget your day will come too.

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Preparing for Mother’s Day

Parenting is a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year role, it may slow down from time to time but it never stops. Two days a year we celebrate the wonderful job our significant others are doing as parents with Mothers/Fathers Days. If you think raising kids is tough, try forgetting about the above.

With Mothers Day just around the corner, as a Dad Blogger I thought it would be smart to offer advice to other Dads out there on how to prepare.

Note, a card and a bunch of flowers from the supermarket alone won’t cut it.

Every Mum has thought about the ideal way to spend their special day, but most won’t elaborate on all the details, its up to you as a Dad to decipher their clues and make the day as special as possible.


The Ideal Mothers Day

Now I’m not going to describe these as perfect as only a Mum could set out the perfect day. What I will give are some ideas for different stages of motherhood, but again its up to you to plan the best day for your better half

  • The New Mum – Rest should play a big role in this. Letting them sleep in until they are ready to get up is a no-brainer. Whatever it takes, make sure your the one who gets up to the kids. But rest isn’t just sleep, its about taking it easy, so guess who is on diaper duty for the day. By taking as much responsibility off them as possible you will make their day a lot easier and they will definitely appreciate it.
  • The Mum with Young Kids – While sleep is always important, Mums at this stage are probably used to not having as much sleep anymore. What they will value is having their kids involved in the day as much as possible. That means, making breakfast or and early lunch. Foot rubs probably wouldn’t go astray either. It is after all Mothers Day.
  • The Mum with Older Kids – Remembering is the most important part here. You have been celebrating it for years now, but is it at the top of your list? You can guarantee your SO won’t forget so its vital that you don’t either (card and flowers from the supermarket is not enough!). You also need to make sure your kids remember, even if it means dragging them along to the shops to pick up a present the weekend before.

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The Ideal Present

This is by no means a complete list, but here are some easy wins if your a little stuck.

  • Spa Vouchers – if you can’t pamper your SO, pay a professional to do it for you! Pro-tip! unless you fully understand the treatments on offer, a generic voucher is the smarter way to go as it allows your SO to choose what she would like rather then being forced into a awkward situation.
  • Pajamas/Slippers/Dressing Gowns – another safe bet, but be sure to know what your SO prefers. If she doesn’t like silk pajamas don’t buy them just because you like them, again this day is about her not you. A quick size check of existing pairs before you shop will save you some hassle.
  • Handmade Presents –  we all know the ones, whether they are from daycare or school they always carry a sentimental feeling with them. I’d say these are better for new Mums and those with younger kids. Keep in mind these will get old after a few years, but if your kids are certain they need to give them to Mum, make sure you back it up with something else. Otherwise Grandparents love these presents.

Warning, be careful when choosing appliances and the like for presents unless you are 100% certain its what she wants, while they might seem like a good investment, No Mum wants to be seen as a maid.

Remember you are celebrating Mothers Day. While you may think your SO would love a day of rest, they want to celebrate it too. You can’t celebrate Mothers Day without those that made you a Mum to begin with. You can take the stress of parenting away for one day without taking the kids away.

Finally if for some reason you are supposed to be working that day, you need to take it off. As a shift worker who works every second weekend I understand this isn’t always easy, but this isn’t any old Sunday, this is the one day of the year your SO should get to celebrate being a parent without the stress. If there is no way out of working that day, then sit down with your SO, discuss the situation, and reschedule in advance. This is one you can’t miss.

Every Mum has thought about the ideal way to spend their special day, but most won’t elaborate on all the details, its up to you as a Dad to decipher their clues and make the day as special as possible.