Top 3 Tantrums of the Week 20/5/18


Its the End of the week which means its time for another Top 3 Moments of the week gone by. This week has been what parents would know as a ‘long’ week so to finish it off, in no particular order, here are the Top 3 Tantrums from this week.

We only just arrived, I don’t want to leave yet

After a 2 and a half hour car ride I wouldn’t want to hop straight back in the car either, thankfully that’s not what we were doing.

We had arrived at a park for a friends birthday and wandered over to where they had set up. Once we placed our things down we all needed a toilet trip and someone needed a nappy change, unfortunately the toilets were in a similar direction to the car. By similar I mean away from where we were.

The standout was when our child decided

to hop off his little ride on car and proceed to flip it over in outrage.

I know the sun is up but I still want the light on

The unfortunate nature of toddler sleeping patterns is that they are forever changing. The unfortunate nature of living in Australia means twice a year we change our clocks by 1 hour. As an adult this doesn’t mean much, as a toddler when you wake up at a similar time most days, that time has now changed.

How does this relate to our tantrum? well when our child decided to wake us up this morning it was still dark enough to put the light on. As the morning passed the light was then turned off.

How Dare We! In response our toddler stood in front of the light switch pointing at it, demanding it be turned back on. Trying to save money on our power bill we tried not to give in. I say tried, because sometimes the easiest way to avoid another tantrum is to give in.

No I will not let you try and wipe the chocolate off my forehead

Now I’ll start this off by saying we don’t consume a lot of sugar in our household, and neither does our child. However the occasional chocolate biscuit is enjoyed, and our child is never far away.

Anyone who knows chocolate, knows it can melt quickly and become sticky. Anyone who knows toddlers, knows they can make a mess out of just about anything. The other thing about toddlers is they generally don’t like being cleaned up. Mix the 3 together and you get chocolate on your child’s face.

The unfortunate thing about chocolate is it looks a lot like your child has dirt all over their face (parent of the year). Depending on the location and severity it can also look like a bad scratch. Both of these were the first things I asked when my wife showed me the picture.


Just to clarify, by no means are these the only tantrums that occurred this week. I would be writing all night if I listed them all, but after careful deliberation between my wife and I, these were the best. To narrow it down we used the criteria that they needed to be a classic toddler tantrum, that is, they needed to be for a ridiculous excuse that no amount of reasoning would have helped the situation.

Enjoyed this list? Got some stories of your own to share? Tune in this time next week for another Top 3


Top 3 Tantrums of the Week – 8/4/18

For something a bit more light hearted I’ve decided to start ranking some ‘top moments’ of the week. The idea being parents have something they can relate to and the non-parents can get a peak behind closed doors, but overall everyone can have a laugh.

Last week’s Top moments is all about Tantrums! We have all experienced them, some worse then others. Last weeks have been filtered down to the top 3.

Number 3: The Over-tired need to eat but don’t know what I want to eat tantrum.

Today I haven’t wanted to go down for a nap and its past lunch time. I’m Hungry, I’m Tired, but nothing you offer me looks tasty enough to eat.

Number 2: The I don’t want to eat whats on my plate I want whats on yours. Using your cutlery. Even though its identical to mine.

I don’t care that we are eating the same meal, I don’t care that you have foregone using toddler plates and utensils in an effort to get me to eat. I want whatever is on your plate, and I need to use your fork to eat it.

Number 1: The why isn’t there more watermelon tantrum.

I just discovered I like Watermelon, I like it a lot. So much I want to keep eating it. I don’t care its making a mess, I don’t understand why you won’t let me have anymore, the other kids clearly aren’t enjoying it as much as me.

I’ve only just noticed the running theme here of Food. Had Similar experiences? Can your kids tantrums beat mine this week? I’d love to hear your experiences as well.

Tune in this time next week for another ‘Top Happenings’ of the week.