Observing Other Dads

We are all Different, Everybody is different, Every Family is different, Every Dad is different. How we do things is also different. How you manage a tricky parenting situation (out of control child at the shops anyone?) could be different to how another parent handles it.

This is a response to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt


Dad’s are generally pretty honest about how much they know about parenting. Most of the time we haven’t read all the books, gone to all the classes, all listened to our other halves when they said “don’t forget to pack their. . .” When we are out and about as a family, this isn’t an issue. When Dad’s running solo with the children, things can spin out of control.

How do you handle the situation? How does another Dad handle the situation? Look around, Observe! what are other Dads doing. You can learn a lot from others just by observing their actions. Doing the groceries? can’t seem to settle your child? Look around, did that Dad just open a yogurt off the shelf to give to his child? okay that looks like it worked, give it a go!

Observation is a powerful tool. As a Dad don’t be afraid to borrow a few ideas off fellow Dads, you can guarantee everyone has been in the same situation before.


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